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         Skip this junk and go straight to the LINKS.
         (Connected to the Links section in Wave's place cause I'm lazy. :P)

A few years ago... way way back when I was like 11 or 12, Megamainiacs, Gen MMX, the Protoman Homepage and Mandi Paugh's pages were the most popular Megaman fansites out there... I wanted to make a webpage too, completely devoted to my favorite game I loved since... well... I have no idea how young I was.. probably 3 when I played Rockman 2. o_O;

Err, anyway, a few years later.... Some of my relatives back in Taiwan brought over some manga... And at that time, I didn't even know what "manga" was, but man, I loved it a LOT.   I tried to get more and more volumes of Rockman in the local chinese bookstores at the time... but it wasn't until I got hooked on the anime world where I started collecting mangas in general.

So anyway... well, the net world came into my life, and I kinna found out that not a lot of people KNEW about the manga back then... and I started scanning them in to Lumina, Techno Pink, Red Draco and a few other friends I met at first on Protoman/Scarfy/Intrepid(I have no idea what he calls himself now)'s crappy ol' java chat (I still miss that thing :P), and later, IRC.

Then I got even more hooked on the anime world and just stopped my Megaman Craze for a while... Stopped updating my site, blahblah.

A few days back, I was cleaning out my harddrive, out of my dinky *CRAPPY* 100 MHZ computer... and I was thiiiis close to deleting all the manga scans I had... but... hey... I might as well just keep scanning new ones in, and post them into the WWW since I pretty much ... still am, collecting all the mangas ^_^;   So this site is pretty much for everyone who's an insane Rockman/Megaman manga fan... mainly the X series and the others, sorry ^_^;; (I still can't wait for Rockman EXE book 2, though :D ) and... ... yeah. ;P

So that ends my completely pointless story of why I made this site.