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Hihi, welcome to the manga site... My name is Wave. ^_^

It's a little boring right now, according to content and stuff, but I really hope you enjoy it...

This is for all you Rockman/Megaman fans out there...

My goal: is to translate ALL the Rockman X/EXE/Remix/Megamix manga scans I have, and  what I'll scan.

Oh, and it's really really really not suggested that you view this under a slow modem/connection, or you might go crazy. ;P Please look at the "About" section in MISC.

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11/23/01: Changed a few things around. ... um... added X1 book 2 manga scans.

11/21/01: Whee, put up the site.   Updates will be posted right here cause
I'm a lazy head to go and fix up the banner and stuff. ... Yeah... well,
um... yeah, that's it.

Megaman/Rockman X, EXE, blahblah is (C) Capcom... but the Mangas themselves are drawn by their respective artists... Megamix by Ariga Hitoshi, EXE by Takamisaki Ryo, the whole X series (One from Bom Bom Comics) is drawn by Iwamoto Yoshihiro, and finally, the Rockman 8 series is drawn by Izuki Koji. And all the web graphics, other than the manga scans on this page is made by me, Wave. All the manga images on this site, I scanned X_X;